Anytime you move to a new location, there are so many things to consider, such as crime rates, distance to work, and, if you have kids, the best education choices for your children.  We took a look at ratings from both and Both sites base their rankings mainly off test scores.


Looking over all the data, you can't do much better than being in the Linn-Mar school district. Combining data from both sites, most Elementary schools feeding into Oak Ridge, then eventually Linn-Mar, had nice scores across the board, making this one of the strongest school districts in the County. However, you could also make a very strong case for Mount Vernon being the best choice. Both Washington Elementary and the Middle school had great scores, with a huge strong point being Mount Vernon High School, the strongest High School in the list, with a 9 rating and the 11th best High School rating in the state.



So how did Cedar Rapids schools do? For elementary schools, the best ranking was a 7 for grade schools (Viola Gibson and Prairie Ridge), while a couple more Cedar Rapids School District Taft Middle School feeder schools had decent showings, with a nice score for Taft. As far as High Schools, Kennedy had a strong showing with a 9 rating and 5 ranking. You'll also remember Kennedy was the top school in the state on this report. In summary, the best route would be Jackson to Taft to Kennedy.


Elementary SchoolsGreatSchoolsSchoolDigger State RankSchool District
Indian Creek914Linn-Mar
Washington843Mt. Vernon
Echo Hill955Linn-Mar
Walker890North Linn
Viola Gibson795Cedar Rapids
Bowman Woods7119Cedar Rapids
Jackson6142Cedar Rapids
Coolidge6154Cedar Rapids
Prairie Ridge7170College Community
Francis Marion6198Marion
Truman6208Cedar Rapids


Middle SchoolsGreatSchoolsSchoolDigger State RankSchool District
Oak Ridge930Linn-Mar
Mount Vernon834Mt. Vernon
Taft6106Cedar Rapids
North-Linn5167North Linn
Prairie Point6174College Community
Harding5203Cedar Rapids


High SchoolsGreatSchoolsSchoolDigger State RankSchool District
Mount Vernon911Mt. Vernon
Kennedy955Cedar Rapids
Washington6159Cedar Rapids
Prairie5176College Community
North Linn3238North Linn


*Note: These charts only show the top ranking schools for school districts that had strong showings on all three levels.

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