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Iowa certainly isn't a hotbed when it comes to moviemaking, but some popular and unique films have been shot here in the Hawkeye State through the years. Here are some of the best.

Children of the Corn

The original horror film in 1984 and its 2009 remake were based on a short story by Stephen King. It was filmed in a number of Iowa towns: Whiting, Salix, Hornick, Sioux City, and Sergeant Bluff.

Field of Dreams

The impact 'Field of Dreams' has had on Iowa is a great one. Now 30 years after the film's original release, it has helped bring the first regular season major league baseball game in history to Iowa. The Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees will play at a new stadium next to the original Field of Dreams on August 13, 2020.

The Iowa scenes for 'Field of Dreams' were shot in Dyersville and Dubuque.

The Crazies

Based in the fictional town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa, 2010 movie 'The Crazies' focuses on a military virus that causes those who come down with it to turn into violent killers. It was partially filmed in Lenox, Iowa.


'Twister' is the top-grossing film ever shot in Iowa. It brought in $241 million in the U.S. and nearly a half-billion worldwide. It was filmed in Ames, Boone, Eldora, Rippey, and Whitten, Iowa.

Cold Turkey

'Cold Turkey' was a movie that was decades ahead of its time. It's about the fictional town of Eagle Rock, Iowa that takes on a challenge to try to win $25 million. What did they have to do? Get everyone to stop smoking, or go cold turkey, for an entire month. The trailer above shows the hilarity of an entire community that's stressed out.

The 'Cold Turkey' cast included Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, and Jean Stapleton, who started her successful run on TV's 'All in the Family' the same year. The movie was filmed in Greenfield, Winterset, Orient, Macksburg, and Des Moines, Iowa.

The Bridges of Madison County

Another movie that did big things for Iowa tourism, 'The Bridges of Madison County' was conceived by UNI professor Robert James Waller. While on vacation, he photographed the bridges and shortly after conceived a 1992 book that would turn into the movie three years later.

A scenic love story, 'The Bridges of Madison County' was filmed around Winterset, Iowa.

The Final Season

The 2007 movie filmed in Cedar Rapids, Shellsburg, Sutliff, and Norway tells the true story of the 1991 Norway baseball team that won its 20th state baseball title in the school's final season.