When was the last time you had a waffle that knocked your socks off? Or, have you ever even had a waffle that good? As someone who is trying to avoid extra carbs, I'd have to be really moved to eat a waffle.

I think that I found one that really might be worth it. Worth a cheat day. Worth the carbs. Worth the extra time at the gym to burn off the calories.

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A waffle in our state's capital is gaining some major attention. National attention, actually. So, I feel it's worth sharing with you this feat because, if you're a foodie like me, you might be willing to take the trip to the state's capital to give it a try.

The food website Eat This, Not This has named Mullet's restaurant in Des Moines home to the best waffle in Iowa, and one of the best in the U.S.

Mullet's in Des Moines via Google
Mullet's in Des Moines via Google

The waffle the website shouts out isn't some new, never before heard of concoction. It's actually a popular breakfast staple: Chicken and waffles.

The site reviews the waffle saying,

Don't skip the chicken and waffles at Mullets Restaurant. A massive waffle is topped with perfectly golden fried chicken and house-made bourbon maple glaze. You can't beat that!

Honestly, I think this waffle Mullet's shared on Facebook looks amazing too:

So what do you think? Is it worth the 2-or-so-hour trip to the capital to try Mullet's? As someone who has been there for breakfast the day after an Iowa Cubs game, I say yes. And the omelets are pretty awesome, too.


Let me know if you try the chicken and waffles, or any other waffle option! I hope it's worth the carbs - I'm sure it is.

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