House of Deréon was then, House of Bey is now!

Beyoncé is now the proud possessor of a church located in New Orleans, TMZ reported Sunday (May 20).

Price-tagged at $850,000, the stone-structured, 7,500 square foot cathedral was erected more than a century ago in the 1900s. In recent years, however, the house of prayer has remained unattended due to church members passing away. Until now.

The city, nicknamed the “Big Easy,” is well-recognized for its vivacious nightlife and melting pot of French and African and American cultures. Considering the region’s historical commitment to Creole customs and given the 36-year-old performer’s own Creole heritage, the acquisition was more or less bound to be.

Though it’s open to question exactly how much the Lemonade star paid to acquire the place of worship — the unofficially dubbed Church of Bey, we’re imagining! — what remains undisputed is the “Love Drought” singer will find no issue at all establishing a congregation.

First of all, she’s Beyonce. But furthermore, the entertainer held her first-ever “Beyonce Mass” at San Francisco's Grace Cathedral several weeks ago and the 900-plus turnout was par for the course. Especially for Yoncé.

You can find snapshots of the musician's newly-purchased property here.

Will you be joining the House of Bey?

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