Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have four total collaborations, including two straight country singles after "Happy Anywhere" dropped last week. Is a duets album in the works?

Is any kind of album in the works?

The country singer has previously said that he doesn't see the point in making full albums in 2020, given the prevalence of streaming and the potential for releasing great songs as they're recorded. Talking to the Bobby Bones Show, Shelton doubled down on the idea of sticking to singles.

"It’s hard for me, honestly," Shelton begins at about the 2:50 mark of the below interview. "The more and more time that goes by I’m starting to wonder why even do an album at all. I’m having a blast just putting out singles."

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"Nobody But You" was on an album of sorts — a compilation album of new songs and old hits called Fully Loaded: God's Country that his label released in December. No plans for another collection of songs have been revealed. When asked if he would do a duets album with Stefani, his girlfriend of nearly 5 years, he turned down the idea — for now, anyway.

“I don’t think so," Shelton says. "Maybe at the end of 10 or 20 years here, we’ll have enough duets together that we can put ‘em all together as a hits package. I don’t know."

Stefani was actually in the truck with Shelton, parked along a southern Oklahoma highway to talk to the syndicated radio show. Other topics discussed include the upcoming season of The Voice, if he misses touring and why he decided to dye his hair during the most recent season of the NBC television show.

“You can’t be fat and old," Shelton says, "And I’m not gonna lose weight."

Shelton and Stefani will both appear as coaches during Season 19 of The Voice, which is set to begin filming blind auditions in Los Angeles next week. The country singer sounded somewhat skeptical about those prospects, but is committed to leaving his Oklahoma ranch for the first time in more than four months to start filming.

The network has not yet announced when the show will return to the airwaves.

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