Grab your handy dandy box of tissues because if you grew up with this children's show, you're about to ball your eyes out.

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Anyone under the age of 30 has definitely heard of the Nickelodeon children's show Blue's Clues and even probably watched it. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this well-known kid's program, one of the original stars of the show released a heartwarming video that is breaking the internet.

For those of you who weren't avid watchers of the show like myself, let me preface his message with this. The show originally aired in 1996 and Steve, the original host of the show, was on from the beginning until season 6. Writers explained his departure as Steve going to college.

The show was never quite the same after that. Then when the show got rebooted Steve would make some appearances, but his leave in the early 2000s still felt like a sore spot for some fans.

I remember being devastated when Steve left and they brought in the next guy. For me, it was my first real glimpse into the highs and lows of growing up. Something I didn't realize that I actually needed though was some sort of closure for this stranger leaving for "college."

In honor of the show's 25th anniversary, Steve created a video addressing all of the fans who have grown up watching the show. The fans on social media came out to play when this video dropped earlier this week.

Steve addressed his going away and how everyone has grown up from looking for clues to paying off student loans...I'm not crying you're crying...

If you're looking for a good cry then check out the video down below!

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