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What was previously a tremendous and awesome attraction in Iowa ended up becoming a deadly endeavor in Texas.

Last weekend, six people were reportedly killed after two historic military planes from the Commemorative Air Force collided midair and crashed Saturday during a Dallas air show. The photo above shows an example of the "Texas Raiders" B-17 bomber involved in the crash.

According to Radio Iowa, months before this fatal crash, one of the bombers had flown into Sioux City, Iowa in July, for the 80th anniversary of the Sioux Gateway Airport.

Videos shot by spectators at the event in Dallas show the Kingcobra flying into the bomber, causing them to immediately crash to the ground and explode. I found raw footage on YouTube of the Texas crash.

**You can see the footage below, but be warned, it may be quite disturbing.

According to spokesperson Larry Finley with the Sioux Gateway Airport, these were rare aircraft.

There were only three of the ten B-17s that were still flying. It was one of three that had returned to the air post-COVID

An investigation is ongoing, which Finley says is likely to take a great deal of time, but he insists the pilots were all well-trained.

They’re all very experienced pilots and they are pilots for the Commemorative Air Force but they’re also pilots generally in commercial and military aviation, so they are a very experienced group

During the July event in Sioux City, over a hundred people booked a flight on the vintage aircraft. They are likely to be very thankful it turned out better for them than the six who perished during the Texas event. Our condolences go out to their loved ones.

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