I can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night!

A few weeks ago, I came across a contest on Instagram from a page that I follow called Prairie Patch Farm. If you're not familiar with Prairie Patch Farm, the website says it's "a private 50-acre nature preserve and wildlife refuge near Cedar Rapids." The reason I started following the farm on social media is all thanks to its adorable herd of llamas!

The online contest was in honor of one of the llama's birthdays, which happened to be the same week as my 30th birthday. All you had to do was tag a friend in the comments and you could win a 30-minute farm visit for up to 8 people. I decided to enter the contest just for fun, knowing that I never ever win ANYTHING, but I guess the stars aligned that day. I was randomly chosen as the winner, and I was THRILLED! I immediately invited Brain, his daughters, and a few friends to join me, and they were all pretty excited, too.

Last night, all seven of us headed to Prairie Patch Farm out near Swisher. We were greeted by three dogs, a cat, and three very vocal goats. Then we met Kahle, one of the owners of the farm, who is incredibly fun and friendly. She introduced us to the four llamas we would be visiting with and explained how to handle them and where they like to be pet. After that, we were free to take the llamas outside the barn and hang out with them!

The four llamas we got to snuggle with were Earl, Fable, Willoughby, and Huckleberri. I spent the most time with Huckleberri and Earl, so they were my favorites. We walked them around the farm, pet them, and took lots and LOTS of pictures! Here are a few of them:

Brain & Courtlin Visit Prairie Patch Farm

We had a blast at Prairie Patch Farm and we will definitely be back for one of their many llama experiences in the future! You can read more about the farm and all the activities HERE.

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