Busch Light and the people of Iowa have been on a bit of a roller coaster lately... The Carson King saga (which ended on a VERY positive note) may have soured some. But, at the end the day, it seems most have moved on and are ready to continue patronizing the brand often affectionately labeled 'Iowa Water'. If that's you, or you're on the fence, maybe this new option will put you over the top.

Behold, the Buschel of Busch Light that will only be available in the state of Iowa! And, to top it all off, Busch Light will be donating $10 from each purchase to Farm Rescue of Iowa. So, as we reach harvest season in the Heartland, you can stock up and support your fellow farmer at the same time. Oh, and this tweet was Carson King approved. Or, at least, he liked it.

There's no exact word yet on when the product will hit Iowa store shelves.

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