Caitlin Clark and the Iowa women's basketball team had just finished off an unprecedented three-peat at the Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament. Players and coaches were taking turns posing with the championship trophy. Perhaps no image best sums up the long season that Iowa has had like the photo of Caitlin Clark and the trophy.

Tired and worn down from all the games played. Mentally exhausted from constant double teams and media attention. It might be fun to be Caitlin Clark, but no one said it was easy. You can see a sense of relief as she reflects on another goal reached.

When I first saw this picture on Sunday afternoon, it immediately brought to mind another all-time great basketball star. When Michael Jordan won his first championship with the Chicago Bulls, the photo of him holding the trophy next to his father was an image that fans will remember forever. Much like Clark, a sense of relief after reaching the top of the basketball world.

Facebook via Basketball Forever
Facebook via Basketball Forever

But Caitlin's trophy pose was actually honoring another all-time basketball great. Someone Clark obviously looks up to. After all, she wears his shoes nearly every game. The late Kobe Bryant. After winning the NBA title in 2001, Kobe Bryant took a moment to reflect on the championship trophy in a bathroom. The emotions Kobe was feeling were for a different reason, reportedly a falling out with his family. But there is no doubt that is what Caitlin was paying homage to on Sunday.

Imagine how Clark would react to holding a National Championship trophy at the end of March. That is a photo that all Iowa fans hope we get the chance to see.

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