The logo above is about to become a thing of the past in another Eastern Iowa community.

We've been following the saga of the Marion School District whose mascot and moniker "Indians" was recently dropped due to complaints by a pair of Eastern Iowa tribes. An initial vote was taken, and the name "Mavericks" was chosen. Not so fast, said some folks who pointed out the name of farmer Samuel Maverick and his history as a slave owner in the 1800s.  Another round of voting took place, and after eliminating "Red Storm" and "the Marion no-names" from contention, the school is now going by the nickname Wolves. Rawr.

Another school in Eastern Iowa had a similar decision to make as the Camanche Indians have voted to change their name. Ironically, they took one of the names Marion residents voted out and will use it as theirs. Instead of "Red Storm" though, Camanche will just go by Storm, a name they decided on after going through an extensive list, starting with 60 choices, narrowing it down to seven, and ending up with the top three, undoubtedly doing a little more research throughout their process to make sure the name was an appropriate fit for everyone.

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The Camanche schools acted on this not just in the wake of Marion's decision but after 60 years of receiving similar requests of their own, most recently from the Meskwaki and Oneida nations.

So, now that they have the new name and mascot selected, what exactly is it going to look like? The fresh new branding will be ready to roll out in time for the Fall sports season.

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