Hand up, I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not much of a car guy. I can do the most basic of all basic maintenance but I don't stray too far away from that. I can rotate tires, change oil, fix a flat, plug a hole in a tire, change a car battery...and that's about it. For everything else, I normally just pay for someone to fix any problems. If it's something that doesn't seem super complicated, I'll watch a "how to" video on YouTube 100 times and pray I'll do it correctly.

Here's a shining example of how you're never too old to learn something new. I learned something about car tires today that I had never really thought about. Had I not come across this post from the Iowa Department of Transportation's Facebook page, I'm not sure I would've ever cared to know what these numbers on car tires mean.

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How Old Are Your Car Tires?

Be honest with me...did you really know what the numbers you see on the side of your tire meant? I've always just assumed they were some type of label that helps you or your car mechanic know which tires you need if you're replacing them. To be fair, that's partially true but there are numbers on your tire that can tell you how old your tires are and what year/week they were made.

What About the Other Letters/Numbers

You may also notice a few different number and letter combinations on your tires. According to UTires, these are what those represent


I can't remember if these were things I learned in drivers ed or not. I was in my drivers ed class 19 years ago. If this information is not taught in drivers ed classes...it's probably time they start.

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