Carrie Underwood unveiled a huge surprise for fans when the clock struck midnight on Friday (March 10): A new single. The song, called "Out of That Truck," features blazing '90s guitars and a soaring vocal in the chorus, but the subject matter is just a little bit darker than meets the eye.

In the chorus, Underwood makes it clear that even though a relationship might be over, that doesn't mean the memory will made away quite so easily. She warns her ex that, much as he might try to move on, he'll see her every time he hops into the driver's seat of his truck to go for a ride.

"So go on, touch that paint up / Where I scratched the driver's side / That won't take back all our weekend for no reason rides," she sings. "Yeah, I bet the left side of the flat bed / Will always be mine in your head / Even though it's not me counting stars with you tonight."

As the song heads into the chorus, Underwood imagines her old flame driving down the same roads they once rode down together. Though he tries to put her out of his mind, she sings, "My memory's stuck / So good luck trying to get me out of that truck."

Underwood's new song is her first release since she dropped her Denim & Rhinestones album in June 2022. In terms of subject matter, "Out of That Truck" shares some common DNA with the first single off that project, "Ghost Story": A spookier portrayal of an old relationship that just won't stay in the past.

Over the past several months, the singer has been busy on her Denim & Rhinestones Tour, a trek that she plans to wrap in mid-March. After that, she'll return to Las Vegas for another leg of her Reflection: The Las Vegas Residency at Resorts World Theater.

Listen to Carrie Underwood, "Out of That Truck"

On Thursday (March 9), Underwood kept her new single under wraps until the 11th hour: In fact, the only reason fans got tipped off ahead of time was that some eagle-eyed Twitter users began to notice the preview for "Out of That Truck" popping up on music streaming platforms like Apple Music. In advance of the release, fans can listen to a teaser on social media, with a longer snippet of the song available on Apple Music.

It's not clear whether this means that Underwood has a new album in the works, whether she's planning to release a deluxe version of Denim & Rhinestones, or whether "Out of That Truck" will be a stand-alone song.

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