University of Iowa star Caitlin Clark has cemented herself in the NCAA women's basketball record books in so many different ways, that it's almost impossible to keep track of. She holds school records, all-time NCAA women's records, records for male and female NCAA athletes, etc.

Every time she touches a basketball, it seems like there is another record she can and will potentially break. Regardless of what happens for this Hawkeye team for the remainder of the 2023/2024 season, regardless of whether Caitlin decides to come back and play next year, or head into the WNBA draft, she will go down in Hawkeye history.

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It's not just Hawkeye history either. It's more than that. She will go down in college basketball history, and college sports history, as one of the greatest college athletes of all time, even if this ESPN announcer had this to say about her not being "great."

For all of the excitement Caitlin has given Hawkeye fans, Iowans, and college basketball fans these past few years, Iowa's Carver-Hawkeye Arena decided to repay Caitlin Clark in one of the best ways an athlete can be honored. It's not every day you have your name and number set into the floor of a college stadium. We might never forget Caitlin's record-breaking shot but now the rest of the world will always remember where that shot took place.


Carver-Hawkeye Arena has added a sports decal with Caitlin's name and number to the hardwood in the exact spot where she broke the women's college scoring record. When you look at the location of where that shot takes place, it puts it into perspective just how long that shot really was. It was another signature 35+ footer, that Caitlin has made a massive part of her game.

Hopefully, the Hawkeyes can put on a good showing in the NCAA tournament and continue this incredible ride they have been on for the past years. Whether that ends in a national championship or not, there are a lot of us who owe this team, and Caitlin, a thank you.

Thank you for all of the fun it's been and thank you for the incredible moments we've got to witness and be a part of. Congratulations to Caitlin on being permanently cemented at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

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