I'm very proud to say that I've been very cautious when it comes to possible scams or scammers, but yesterday I almost fell for a new ploy that people are using.

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One evening, I was scrolling on social media when a text message bubble came up. It was  from a number I didn't know, so that was an immediate red flag. It read (in the grossest text ever);

"What's up is this Seth? I'm Allie...we texted on PoF before when I went down to see my cousins but we didn't connect for drinks...I'm back here 4 a little bit if ya wanted 2 really go out while I'm here, are ya down with that?"

PoF is an acronym for a Canadian dating app which makes sense since this is a Canadian number that sent the message.

Kerri Mac TSM

I responded several hours later saying that I wasn't Seth, hoping this person would possibly get the hint. MOMENTS later I got this message displayed above.

Along with that text I got a picture of "Allie."

I've covered the image of the individual out of respect for the girl in the photo. My suspicions are that the images were stolen and that this person might be a catfish.

Kerri Mac

After doing some research and a reverse Google image search, this has been experienced by other people. If you continue communicating with the individual messaging you, you will ultimately receive explicit pictures and be lead to an escort service.

I stopped messaging this person, but they did continue to send texts to me.

Kerri Mac

On some online forums, people are allegeing that this could also have something to do with human trafficking. Either way, if you see a message like this, don't respond. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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