We haven't even gotten to Halloween yet, and it's already worrisome news for Thanksgiving amid the pandemic.

You shudder to think what the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to say when you hear they've issued their Thanksgiving pandemic guidelines, as many cities across the country, including Waterloo, are already taking to heart the Halloween guidelines and strongly discouraging door to door trick-or-treating in favor of safer alternatives.

According to KCRG, they've now come out with the Turkey Day news and it's pretty simple, but a little disheartening. Bypass the family gatherings and stay home to share your blessings around the virtual table. That's right, they want you to have a Zoom Thanksgiving. The same thing you do for the rest of the year, and better than nothing, but the opposite of what makes the late-November togetherness so special.

Virtual dinners and delivered meals are recommended.

Also, they suggest, avoid going shopping on Black Friday. It minimizes the risk of crowds and lowers the potential for spread of the virus. In-person parade attendance is a no-no, too.

In short, you can still safely enjoy all the fixings of the traditional holiday meal with immediate members of family already within your own household, but for those with no one to share it with in person as they usually can,  it, unfortunately, probably won't be the same this year. Just like everything else about 2020.

For those who decide to travel, the CDC says they'll be doing so at their own risk.

It's hard to fathom not being around family for one of the biggest family holidays and this news reminds us 2021 can't come soon enough.

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