My wife really wants chickens in the backyard. She wants fresh eggs and as Cedar Falls residents, it was very easy to say, 'oh man, that's cool but it's so illegal'. That is because it was illegal. Now it's not. That's right, Cedar Falls residents may now have backyard chickens. But there's some rules that must be followed.

The Courier reports that while the ordinance passed 5-1, it's not as easy as residents running out and scooping up chickens. First off, animal owners are required to get a land use permit from the city to set up their chicken coops. So before you run to Farm & Fleet, be sure you get that permit. Next, once you get a permit, your coop must be 25 feet from another residential dwelling and be restricted to the rear (backyard) of your home or in a detached garage. Meaning, you have to make sure it's not too close to your home, or your neighbors.

Next, I hope you're not planning to eat your chicken friend! Butchering of the any poultry is against the rules. Also all animals must be licensed annually through the city, just like a dog or cat. The city has the right to revoke all permits for health, safety, nuisance or animal neglect reasons also so, keep 'em clean and healthy.

This initiative has failed twice in the past 5 or so years but after passing this go around, it sounds like there will be lots of fresh eggs in and around Cedar Falls. Just no fresh grilled chicken. Remember, you cannot butcher them!

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