According to Iowa's News Now, a woman is in jail for arson after an investigation found that she had intentionally set her own home on fire.

A Facebook post by The Cedar Rapids Police Department says that 44-year-old Dana Marie Chappuie was charged with 2nd-degree arson after an investigation found a 5-gallon gas can left indoors in the upstairs room where the fire originated.

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It was also discovered that a natural gas line to the clothes dryer in the basement was disconnected and turned to the "on" position, in an attempt, according to fire investigators, to intentionally start the house fire at 2076 Eastern Blvd. SE. It was concluded she intentionally set the house on fire based on alleged statements she had made about doing so in the days prior, and because she was in the house alone prior to the natural gas being deliberately turned on and again prior to the fire occurring.

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