Folks in Cedar Rapids needing a way to get to work, school, errands or just looking for some exercise as the weather warms up, will see another option make its return soon.

A media release from the City of Cedar Rapids notes that the city's bike-share program is set to launch for the season on Friday, May 7. The system services the districts of Czech Village, downtown, NewBo, MedQuarter with an official mission of "offering short recreational rides or to close gaps in transportation."

How much does it cost?

The VeoRide app is free from any app store and is your ticket to access the bike share program. Once you've downloaded the app, you'll start by creating an account. The fee to unlock bikes is $1 with a 20-cent fee per mile of use. A traditional stand-up scooter can be unlocked for $1 with a 29-cent fee per mile of use. A new addition to the fleet this year is sit-down scooters, also $1 to unlock, and 33 cents per mile of use.

City of Cedar Rapids
City of Cedar Rapids
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Where can I park my rented bike or scooter?

The public is invited to take part again this year and is encouraged to "park responsibly" at one of the designated green bike racks located in the app. Scooters can be parked in designated bike racks or one of their own designated parking areas.

With reports in previous years of bikes being rented through the program and being abandoned at rogue spots throughout the city, it's important to note that the fare doesn't end until you lock the bike in one of its designated spots, click "end ride" on the app and payment is completed.

Are the bikes being kept safe and clean to use in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

VeoRide is responsible for the maintenance of bikes and scooters with its own staff who will disinfect the bikes, return lost or wrongly parked bikes and scooters. Inquiries about safety concerns or other issues regarding the bike share program can be directed to them at (855) 836-2256. Get more information on VeoRide here.


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