It's another case of the community's corporate and charitable leaders working together.

Almost everyone has been touched by cancer in their lives and CBS2 reports that in that spirit, West Side Transport has awarded its annual "Convoy for a Cure" grant to Cedar Rapids Especially for You Race Against Breast Cancer (EFY). It's given every year to an organization making a difference in raising awareness of cancer and other causes in the community, starting back in 2017 with Gems of Hope.

A West Side Transport spokesperson told CBS2 that EFY had been chosen for its annual award this year in part because several of its employees had either battled cancer or had loved ones who fought it. It seemed a "natural" fit, for many reasons, not the least of which included EFY being one of the largest and most visible charity organizations and fundraisers in the community, that was among many having to significantly scale back its activities this past year because of the pandemic.

"Convoy for a Cure" includes a special truck among West Side's fleet that it purchased in 2016 through employee fundraisers. Since then, they have deployed it regularly to get involved with a host of community events, including the EFY Race Against Breast Cancer, decking out its "Convoy for a Cure" truck in bright pink ribbons to represent 12 different types of cancer.

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