A young Cedar Rapids couple is pursing their dream of owning a bar of their own.

Amy Winker and Jake Brummer will be opening Kingston Pub on July 1st, 2020. The address of the bar is 729 1st Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids. This location was formerly called Cooters, a legendary bar that was in business for several decades here in C.R.

Amy and Jake plan to have a small, but delightful menu that consists of a breakfast selection cooked up every morning as well as lunch and dinner options. They also plan to feature smoked meat selections daily.

And it's a bar, so there will be plenty of booze!

Brummer told me, "There will be a wealth of alcohol options and a surprise permanent beer special." He hinted that it may be based around his favorite brew, Natural Light. He also mentioned that there will be a few beers and whiskeys that you will likely ONLY find at Kingston Pub.

The couple bring a "1-2 punch" to the bar business that is very unique. Amy brings 15 years plus of bartending and bar managing experience. Brummer told me, "She's the brains of the business, and she will be handling operations at Kingston Pub."

Jake comes from a background of family ran bars from his upbringing, and he's also worked in the trucking industry for nearly a decade. Brummer will be handling the day to day activities and will also be in charge of marketing and promotions for the new bar.


Brummer told me, "Jaymz, this has been our dream and it's finally happening! We know it will take some hard work and dedication, but we're ready. We hope the folks here in Eastern Iowa are ready too. This is going to be fun, we're honored to be a part of business community in this awesome city."

Kingston Pub will open on July 1st, 2020. We wish Jake & Amy the best of luck.