Knowing the appropriate place and time to seek medical care is more confusing than ever during a pandemic, and it remains a challenge for those in need with little to no income or insurance benefits.

His Hands Free Clinic serves people with no insurance, limited insurance or other medical needs they don't have the means to cover, and their prayers were answered with a recent upgrade in space.

His Hands is now going to be located, as of July 7 according to their website, in the old Wolfe Eye Clinic facility, 1245 2nd Ave. SE. Not only did they welcome the extra space just due to patient volume, but also because of social distancing. An anonymous million dollar loan they intend to repay made it all possible, said Executive Director Dawn Brouwers, according to KCRG.

To accumulate the money they needed to make this move on their own would have taken up to three years, said Brouwers, and who knows how much more critical the needs may get by then.

In response to the angel among us who made this donation, Brouwers said "this person is a servant in the community and she and her husband don’t want or need that kind of fanfare or recognition".

The upgrade from four patient rooms to six may increase staff and hours, which had to be cut due to the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19. The takeaway is that a lot more resources will now be available to the heroes serving those most in need in our community.

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