The classrooms in Cedar Rapids high schools will sit empty one day each week under the 2020 back-to-school plan that's been revealed.

During Monday morning's community feedback session, Cedar Rapids Community Schools announced that students will be in classrooms themselves for two days per week and will do online classes the other three days each week. According to the Gazette, which days students will go to school depends on the student's name.

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Group 1 will be made up of students with last names that begin with the letters A through M. Those students will take classes in-person on Monday and Tuesday, with online learning the remainder the regular school week.

Group 2 will include students with letters that start with letters N through Z. They will take in-person classes on Wednesday and Thursday, with online classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Students can take as much as six hours of classes per day, broken into 90-minute sessions. The school district will be providing face masks for each middle and high school student. Elementary students will get face shields. As we reported last week, staff will receive both face shields and masks.

The district also announced they would provide all pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students with iPads. Chromebooks will be given to each student from first through 12th grade. Over 350 hot spots for internet will be available for high school and middle school students and elementary students have access to approximately 1,500.

Specific plans for middle and elementary school students are expected to be announced soon.

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