Saying he now has a proven record of progress and success, and citing pride in the resilience, strength, and compassion he witnessed among Cedar Rapids residents in the challenging year that was 2020, Mayor Brad Hart officially announced on Tuesday that he will seek a second term in 2021.

The announcement seemed to be a formality last month when Hart announced his retirement from law firm Bradley & Riley PC in Cedar Rapids. He first took a seat as Mayor in 2017, winning a runoff against Monica Vernon and following in huge footsteps after leadership from Ron Corbett, who was mayor during the height of many years of immediate recovery from the flood of 2008, a recovery that continues to this day.

Hart outlined his Top 5 priorities for a second term in a press release:

  • "Supporting our citizens and our businesses as we recover from the Derecho."
  • "Attracting additional investments in all parts of the city, bringing in high-paying jobs that support Cedar Rapids families and build our tax base."
  • "Focusing on street repairs and reconstruction, ensuring LOST dollars are spent efficiently and effectively."
  • "Supporting our police and fire departments in their use of best practices that are fair and equitable for all, including new initiatives to reduce violent crime."
  • "Continuing to build our permanent flood protection system on both sides of the river and finding additional state and/or federal funding for that system—a system that will include recreational opportunities while protecting the heart of our city"

He pointed to other accomplishments as well, such as securing $1 billion in building permits for new and expanding Cedar Rapids businesses, overseeing over 60 miles of road repairs through the citywide "Paving for Progress" initiative, and securing $117 million in federal funding for ongoing flood control.

When asked if he would seek a third term if re-elected this time, he told the Cedar Rapids Gazette it was too early to look that far ahead.

It's not yet known who will decide to run against Hart for mayor but four other council seats will also be on the ballot in November: Tyler Olson’s at-large seat, Marty Hoeger’s District 1 seat, Dale Todd’s District 3 seat, and Ashley Vanorny’s District 5 seat.

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