There's good news for library patrons in Cedar Rapids, who have missed visiting on Sundays.

The downtown branch of the Cedar Rapids Public Library, at 450 5th Ave. SE, will reopen on Sundays from 1-5 p.m., starting July 1.

The downtown library was forced to close its doors on Sundays after a 2016 supplemental tax increase was rejected by voters. Weekday hours at the downtown and Southwest Ladd Library branches were also shortened.

The issue was revisited in a February budget meeting this year, and a plan was worked out to reallocate $100,000 (already on the books) in the city's budget toward the library. The plan was then approved in March, and now the downtown library will be back open Sundays.

In addition to extended hours at the downtown branch, Ladd (3750 Williams Blvd. SW) will open an hour earlier Monday through Thursday at 8 a.m., and hire a special part-time patron service specialist to serve the growing patronage there.

Library director Dara Schmidt emphasizes that the new hours are a trial run, and will be re-evaluated prior to the 2020 fiscal year to determine if they are still serving a community need.

[Via Gazette]


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