Willie Ray is the owner of Willie Ray's Q Shack, located in Cedar Rapids, and he is headed to help the state of Kentucky for the second time in less than 12 months. Back in August 2021, parts of the midwest and the south were pummeled by numerous tornados which included Iowa as well as Kentucky. Back then, Willie Ray was someone leading the charge on helping victims however he could. 8 months ago he had this to say on Facebook.

According to KCRG Willie fed hundreds of people per day, in Eastern Iowa, after the August derecho, but he also visited Texas after their winter storm and Louisianna to help hurricane victims. This local Iowa hero is headed back to Kentucky to help victims who are trying to survive massive amounts of flooding.

Once again, Willie took to Facebook to let Iowans know he was headed to Kentucky this Saturday (August 6) and wanted to give Iowans the chance to help if they could. He is looking for a volunteer to help pull a 30 ft camper as the food and fuel would be covered. He also posted his Venmo account for anyone looking to make money donations.  His Venmo code is @willieraysqshack (Willie Fairley code #3806)

Talk about going above and beyond for services to others. Willie is a man who resembles everything good in the world. We hear and read constantly about tragic stories and terrible events that happen every day...

Willie is the perfect man to remind you that there are incredible people in the world who are doing amazing things for others every day. Giving to others however you can is something we should all strive to be better at.

According to WKYT, Kentucky Governor Beshear said Monday morning "there is still an unknown number of people who are unaccounted for. He does fear the number of missing people is in the hundreds. We know there are still reports of missing loved ones."

If you remember the Iowa flood in 2008, you know all too well how scary a time this can be for the people and families in Kentucky. Loss of power, loss of homes, loss of businesses, and loss of family members are happening right now in Kentucky. This Iowan is on his way to help.

We should all strive to be like Willie Ray as often as we can. If you don't have Venmo and can't volunteer but would like to help, you should stop at Willie Ray's Q Shack, on 288 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, for lunch or dinner before Saturday. It's the least we could do to help out this Iowa hero on his journey to helping others.

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