Reports of cockroaches in your restaurant will usually result in drastic actions. That was the case for Osaka Japanese Steakhouse in Cedar Rapids. The establishment has temporarily closed after reports of cockroaches surfaced. One patron even got the encounter on video.

Shannon Fay told KCRG that the incident happened Monday night at Osaka. She went to the restaurant with family members for a special occasion. After they finished their meal, the noticed some of the bugs on their table. Fay said that she was upset that they didn't seem to bother the staff any. So she took some video and posted it to Facebook. It has thousands of views and has been shared over 200 times.

The Linn County Department of Public Health is looking into the issue. The restaurant is actually known to inspectors. They had a similar complaint back in September. After that complaint, inspectors recommended Osaka seal up gaps under their cooking stations, have workers clean up food bits, and get rid of standing water.

Osaka has hired a pest control company. The restaurant will have to pass another inspection before it will be allowed to reopen.


[via KCRG]

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