If you were at McGrath Amphitheater for Uptown Friday Night on July 27 with headliner  Alisabeth Von Presley, chances are you were blown away by her guest performer's  rendition of "Billie Jean".

If you missed his name, allow us to re-introduce you to Isaac Burris. The 20 year old singer-songwriter is a rising star in Cedar Rapids entertainment circles - who just happens to do a blazing moonwalk and spot-on vocal impersonation of the late, great Michael Jackson.

But it's obvious that Isaac has a groove all his own as you can see in this video for his song "Could've Been".

Isaac identifies with the African American community but comes from a Caribbean/Egyptian/African heritage. He is also a member of the LBGT community which makes it easy for him to identify with minorities while also providing music that gives a voice to those who have yet to speak out.

Growing up in Benton, Iowa every day was a struggle for Issac, in finding himself, expressing who he was, and finding peers he could bond with. He wrote of these issues on his EP “Discovery” and now is poised to release his next music project.

The Isaac Burris "Velvet Empire Album Premier Party" is this Friday, August 17th at 7:00 p.m. on the rooftop of the Downtown Cedar Rapids Library, 450 5th Ave. SE.

Along with cocktails, Q&A session, and track-by-track playthrough of the "Velvet Empire" album, the party features a live performance by Isaac.

Tickets are available here in advance for $15.

You can check out his new single "We Should Be Dancing" from the forthcoming "Velvet Empire" album by clicking here.

We expect to see great things happening for this talented young man. He is a genuinely nice person whose making a positive impact on many young fans with his music and style.

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