Here in Cedar Rapids, we, and the kids who go to school here, are lucky. We don't have much to worry about in terms of school safety. Of course, in a matter of time that could easily change, as nationwide we seem to hear about a devastating school shooting every week.

It's good to know that steps are now being taken to prevent this from occurring here. The Cedar Rapids school district has approved a measure to spend $1.5 million on new doors and safer locks for all school buildings in the district, according to the Gazette.

New doors with lever handles and interior locks are being installed. You can essentially "lock kids in" when the bell rings, but more importantly, lock the shooters OUT.

Other safety recommendations were made at a school board meeting this week, including the creation of a full-time security and safety officer position, paying $65,000 a year to start. Training for students in conjunction with law enforcement for active shooter drills, and beefing up such instruction in teacher curriculum were also proposed.

It's time we do what we can to return schools to the safe haven of education and peace that they are supposed to be.

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[Via Gazette]


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