If you've ever found yourself saying "there's nothing to do here!" you've also probably told to offer suggestions. Now Cedar Rapids is officially asking you to do that.

The Gazette says city leaders are now looking for recreational opportunities that would also work around flood control plans.  The study is being called  "Explore River Recreation" and early ideas include the expansion of powerboating in the 5-in-1 dam, more fishing locations, kayaking, whitewater rafting courses, and others. They also want to use the survey to gain input on how to improve already existing recreation opportunities in parks, trails and on the river.

Burlington, Vermont firm Crane Associates were awarded a nearly $150,000 contract to head up the study. They want to know what you're interested in for our particular community and what would work around flood control, not just cookie-cutter recreation opportunities.

You can take the online survey here now through February 14 and share your thoughts on Cedar River recreation. They then plan to incorporate input from another study among recreation enthusiasts across the state.




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