If you're a fan of movies this film festival is for you. Not only will this Cedar Falls film festival celebrate movies, but it will also be celebrating the Iowans who created them! Think of some of the classic movies filmed in or based in Iowa.

Everyone always mentions Field of Dreams but Mississippi Grind had portions filmed in Dubuque, The Bridges of Madison County was filmed in Winterset, Michael Clayton had portions filmed in Council Bluffs, Children of the Corn was shot in Iowa, and portions of Twister were filmed here. The list goes on and on. Now you have a chance to see the works of our very own Iowa filmmakers.

Unsplash - Jon Tyson
Unsplash - Jon Tyson

The Cedar Falls Community Theatre will be hosting an Iowa-friendly film festival for 3 days at the Oster Regent Theatre. According to MYCFCT, beginning on Friday, August 25th through Sunday, August 27th, the Oster Regent Theatre will screen 27 films made by 21 different creatives.

The films being shown will vary from documentaries, and short films, to feature-length movies. All of them will have been made by Iowa filmmakers. According to MYCFCT, "the Cedar River Film Festival is not a juried festival but is rather a chance to celebrate the variety and depth of filmmaking in our state."

The festival kicks off on Friday at 5:00 pm with the opening film from David Busch Films. According to MYCFCT, it's a 50-minute story about a claymation dinosaur, named Gulp, who dreams of becoming Hollywood's biggest star! This film is rated PG.

You can check out the entire lineup at the Cedar Falls Community Theatre website for movies you may be interested in. The website also has the ratings if you'd like to bring your kids with you.

Technically there is no entry fee to the festival but the public is suggested and encouraged to make donations of $5 for each film that you watch.

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