Filling out the United States Census is important to every American because it ensures proper distribution of  $1.5 trillion in public services, federal funds and resources, determines accurate Congressional representation, helps with planning for new construction of homes and in neighborhoods and provides an accurate head-count of who's residing in the city, state and country.

We are in the midst of the Census process now, but officials reportedly want it extended due to Coronavirus, according to Iowa's News Now.

Census Bureau officials now more than ever encourage people to take the Census online, by phone, or by mail, as reportedly 48 percent of citizens have already done, as of Sunday, April 12.

The challenging aspect comes in June when they'll need to start in-person door-to-door Census-taking to cover those who haven't filled theirs out, which is why they say they are discussing extending the deadline.  Social distancing, and of course, people sick with the Coronavirus and the potential to spread it make it difficult to approach the census in person right now and for the foreseeable future.

You can fill out your census questionnaire here.

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