I live in Cedar Falls and, like most folks, I have the internet at home. Also, like most Cedar Falls residents, I use CFU's internet service. Funny story, when the CFU crew came to install it, I was here at work and so I had no idea what speed we selected. Spoiler, I later found out it was not the gigabit internet that President Obama came to check out in 2015.

It's still fast, mind you, but not the fastest offered speed. Recently, CFU rolled out a 10-gigabit speed option. And you thought 60 was fast!

Fastest internet: CFU takes the cake

Speaking of fast speeds, according to the CFU's latest press release,  PCMag has named CFU's internet the fastest in the entire country. Um, that's kind of a big deal. This is a pretty big country with a ton of ISP options.

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Rob Houlihan, chief technology officer for Cedar Falls Utilities commented on the high honor saying,

We are proud to be named the nation’s fastest ISP. Our goal is to provide our customers with the absolute best broadband experience in the country.

For the record, I'd like to say to all my fellow Cedar Falls...ians? ites? Erm, residents: if you have 10-gigabit internet, do you ever have a hiccup with your Netflix or Disney Plus account? I bet you that everyone on the block streaming and not experience any issues. For now, I'll stick with my 250 Mbps internet. But if you wanna invite me over, I'll bring the drinks.

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