Play it for me... a sad trumpet. Play me some blues. Play be something slow, sad, and depressing... my fellow Iowan, today is a sad, sad day. Molson Coors announced it is retiring 11 of its finest beers. Most of which will run you about $5.99 for a 6 pack. Today my fellow Iowan, we mourn the loss of our college years.

Getting buzzed on a budget might cost more: say goodbye to 11 beers

Molson Coors is the company responsible for such popular brews as Coors, Coors Light, and of course Miller Lite. These untouchable brew brands will continue to occupy liquor store shelves until the end of time. However, for these 11 brewskies, the pied piper is piping. I think that sentence made sense...

Going the way of the drunken dodo are:

  • Hamm's Special Light
  • Keystone Ice
  • Milwaukee's Best Premium (ironic name, must not have been the "best" after all)
  • Miller High Life Light (NOT the regular stuff)
  • Mickey's Ice
  • Keylightful (which was just introduced in 2020)
  • Magnum
  • Icehouse Edge
  • Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve
  • Steel Reserve 211

Pour one out for these beers, my thirsty friend. They are soon to be no more.

R.I.P. dear friend...

Now, if you're wondering if these beers are even remotely popular, well the answer is a definitive no. And, they get horrid reviews on apps like Untapped:

Milwaukee's Best Premium review via Untapped
Milwaukee's Best Premium review via Untapped
Keystone Ice review via Untapped
Keystone Ice review via Untapped
Ice House Edge review via Untapped
Ice House Edge review via Untapped

The beers are getting the ax in part due to supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic, according to Boss Magazine.

But who cares, right? We come from the land of cheap beer! We love our Busch Light (NOT brewed by Molson Coors), we enjoy getting buzzed on a budget! We enjoy not having a sad wallet when we have a sad stomach. These beers are America! So today, I mourn the loss of 11 patriotic brews soon to be returned to where they came from obscurity. Or, a bar trivia question. "Mickey's Ice? Oh yeah, I remember that one!" Liar.

While you are mourning these beers, let's mourn these fine special edition cereals that came and went:

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