If you're anything like me, you're curious as to when you'll be getting your second round of stimulus money from the federal government. Back in the spring of 2020, my family got our payment via direct deposit. It was quick and easy. But this time around, I keep hearing about people having their money, yet we've seen nothing. The IRS finally set up their 'Track Your Payment' website so you could find out when you'd be getting your stimulus money. But I keep getting the message 'Status Not Available'. Here is what that means.

According to CNBC, the IRS has informed them that anyone who sees that message, 'Payment Status #2-Not Available' will not be getting their stimulus money automatically, even if they did the first time. The IRS has begun sending out payments of $600 to individuals and $1200 to couples, plus $600 for each dependent child. Our family is waiting for a payment of $3,000. But it turns out we likely won't see that until we file our taxes.

CNBC reports that is how families that see that message on the website will eventually get their money. The IRS says that if people don't get their stimulus checks, they should file their taxes electronically and claim what is called the Recovery Rebate Credit on their tax return so they'll get the stimulus money they are owed. The IRS hasn't yet clarified why this is happening, or why it is occuring to people who filed their 2019 taxes using H&R Block and Turbotax. In case you're wondering, yes, I'm a Turbotax user.

The bottom line is this is just another unfortunate set of circumstances that is keeping money out of the pockets of families that could really use it. The stimulus bill was supposed to help Americans. So why can't the government get me my money?

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