Riders of the city bus in Cedar Rapids may soon be seeing changes, including the long-awaited possibility of night service. But it may come at the expense of service for others. Here are some of the plans being talked about:


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    Night Hours

    Currently, the buses leave the Ground Transportation Center for their final routes of the day at 6:20 p.m. The new proposal looks to extend hours to 10 p.m. This could be convenient for night owls, especially those who work in the evenings. My only concern is whether Cedar Rapids Transit has enough staff to handle more hours.

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    Sunday Service

    There is currently no Sunday bus service but this, too, could change and would again be helpful to many riders.

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    Extra Routes To Lindale Mall

    A major consideration behind these changes is to accomodate more riders to and from Lindale Mall and other stops along Route 5, as those buses are generally the busiest. It would create an "express" bus for Lindale service.

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    More Buses to Kirkwood

    Students will be better served by the changes, as more buses to Kirkwood during the "peak", or busiest hours would be added.

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    Elimination of Service to Low-Ridership Areas

    In order for many of these changes to take effect without raising taxes or passenger fares, stops in lower-used areas, like O Avenue NW may be eliminated, creating a potential hardship to those who do use the service in those areas.

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