We were seriously blessed this past weekend with February record highs in the 70s. It will be a little closer to normal by the end of the week, but according to our weather partners at CBS2 WeatherFirst, we have a few more days to enjoy it.

The only thing better than nice weather is some awesome music to enjoy with it. Spotify and AccuWeather have made it easy to generate your playlist to match current weather conditions. Climatune is a new feature that does just that.

It's pretty cool. I found this article from a site called Circa, which led me to the above link to Climatune. It took about 10 seconds for the app to automatically generate a 50-song playlist called "What Cedar Rapids Listens To When It's a Clear Night" based on it being after sunset on a mild, clear night.


There were songs I knew and some I didn't. The only downside is it may give you versions of familiar songs by someone other than the original artist. For instance, it generated Passenger's  "Let Her Go", but played a rendition by Jasmine Thompson. No worries, that can always give you ideas for your own playlist to make with the original songs.

It even gives you a link to select different weather conditions to generate that playlist, for instance "sun", "snow", "rain", etc.

Give it a try and see what you come up with HERE. Enjoy the weather this week...and the corresponding jams you now know how to program to go with it!


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