"I'm home, I'm back with the guys, it feels good".

It's great news to hear from Adam Cain, the Clinton firefighter who, after injuries suffered while working to fight the blaze at the ADM plant, was out of commission since January. He returned this week to light duty with the department.

He won't be going on calls but will help with station inspections and making public appearances with the department until fully recovered. He will certainly get a hero's welcome wherever he goes. Cain continues to undergo physical therapy.

My left elbow, it's still locked up in that contraption for a pretty long time and I have extra boney growth so I can't stretch it so working on keeping it strong so I don't dislocate it again

The ADM fire took the life of one of his fellow firefighters, Lt. Eric Hossette. Cain feels lucky to make it back and looks forward to going back on full duty. We continue to salute him and his colleagues for their strength and bravery, and our thoughts remain with the Hossette family.

[Via KCRG]

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