If you're looking for a way to show your kids how fun the world of science can be, and motivate them to take a more interactive role in learning, Coe College in Cedar Rapids has an upcoming event that might be right for you.

The Coe Science department has combined its efforts to put together the 16th Annual "Playground of Science". It takes place this Thursday, October 25th from 6-9 p.m. at Peterson Hall, on the Coe College campus at 1220 First Avenue NE.

Join the fun of interactive demos to teach kids about the natural world around them, pumpkin launching, levitating of various objects and an exciting "Mentos and Diet Pepsi" demo. You'll play number games, study eye and heart models, and you'll also learn about the human body and make ice cream with liquid air, among other experiments and activities.

It'll be just like an episode of "Mr. Wizard's World", and it's free, so visit Coe College for this great, family-friendly event Thursday night. Learn more at the Coe College website.

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