There's some sad news for many Collins Aerospace workers at the Cedar Rapids location as expected layoffs will take effect as early as October 13th. This is not the first round of layoffs the Cedar Rapids location has faced, as employees have been cut going back to September of 2020.

Collins Aerospace is the largest aerospace and defense company in the world. According to Collins, they have a global team of 73,000 employees who design and deliver smarter solutions for passenger safety and comfort. Collins makes the most "powerful concepts in aerospace a reality."

Google Satellite
Google Satellite

According to Corridor Business, Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has about 9,000 employees. Cedar Rapids is home to two Collins Aerospace divisions, Mission Systems and Avionics, respectively. Sadly, the company, which serves the global community has been dealing with layoffs, dating back to 2020.

In 2020, the company laid off an estimated 180 employees, and then again cut 37 positions in 2021. While these numbers may not seem extreme, you can't help but feel for those losing their jobs. Losing a job can be a very scary thing and with the expected cuts taking effect on October 13, my heart goes out to those who are being affected.

KCRG reports that a new WARN notification from Iowa Workforce Development shows that Collins Aerospace in Cedar Rapids will be laying off 68 employees. When the original news was reported, Collins Aerospace noted it was "part of cost-saving actions across the business for sustainable growth."

This news comes after Collins, announced back in March, their 2023 plans to expand its microelectronics production facility and invest more than $20 into capital projects.

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