If you've tried to purchase tickets for a concert only to find they were sold out before you even seemed to have a chance, this new law will make you very happy.

December 14, President Obama signed a new law that makes ticket-buying bots illegal. They have the ability to purchase TONS of tickets for a concert in a big hurry, which is a big problem. According to Ticket Manager,

"a bot is technology coded to hit the on-sale thousands of times instantly. The technology pings the on-sale while a room full of people, usually off-shore in a second or third world country, furiously bang out the re-captcha with no idea of what they’re actually doing."

If that's not bad enough, read this, also from Ticket Manager:

"The operator sits back and watches all the options populate on their screen and chooses which tickets to buy. So not only are they getting tickets fans can’t get and blocking others from buying them, they are cherry picking the best tickets and passing on the less desirable, releasing them back into the on-sale for the “lucky” fan who gets them.

Hopefully, that makes the significance of this new law clearer. It's known as the "Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016," affectionately known as the BOTS Act.

I assure you we've heard complaints about how fast shows sell out many, many, many times but are powerless to do anything about it. This is a huge step in the right direction and there's no doubt the artists are just as thrilled with the news as you are. Even Ticketmaster applauded the news:

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