Lemonade stands run by Iowa kids have been the source of much inspiration and good news this week. Recently, we told you the story of Ottumwa 9-year-old Brennik Sapp who used his $1000 in profits from a lemonade stand to help kids at the Stead Family Children's Hospital. A heartwarming story indeed.

This story is about another group of kids, in Ames, who had their entrepreneurial spirit briefly, and literally robbed from them until a handful of police officers came to the rescue. Referred to simply as Katelyn and Elias, they were enjoying a summer day providing refreshment, when, according to KCCI, a thief drove up out of nowhere, snatched the tip jar from the twin siblings' lemonade stand (first appearing as though she was going to buy a glass), and then drove off. Katelyn and Elias were shocked, bummed, and had little other recourse than to call the police. When officer Celena Rohland took the call, she helped in the sweetest way possible.

I started messaging some of the people that I work with asking them to get together and maybe visit the lemonade stand so we could make a difference in Katelyn and Elias' day

Officers from four different law enforcement agencies in the area showed up. They and other folks in the community stopped by to buy themselves cold drinks to the tune of over $750, which Katelyn and Elias say they will donate to "Shop with a Cop", a program where police take kids in their community school-supply shopping.

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The sour act of one bad apple (or lemon) was not enough to spoil the kind hearts and good spirits of these youngsters and we are proud of their hard work. In fact, since this writing, the Ames Tribune now says the twins have raised upwards of $2,500. Way to go!

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