Earlier in March, Jessica the 1-year-old corgi accidentally fell overboard into the Indian River in Florida and ended up swimming 7 miles to shore.

Owner of the corgi, Jon Atwood was helping his mother and stepfather take their yacht from Florida to North Carolina for the hurricane season. Jon brought his dog, Jessica, as they traveled the Intracoastal Waterway.

Jessica typically stayed at Jon's feet, but as they passed under the State Road 520 Bridge, he noticed Jessica was missing.

John told WKMG News 6, "She's like a velcro dog, she's always by my side. She got up, went down to take a drink of water, a few minutes later I had actually gone to the back of the boat to take a video of dolphins playing in the wave and I realized she wasn't at my feet."

The family searched the near waters but were unable to find the dog. Jessica had never been in the water before, they had no idea if she knew how to swim or not.

Jon posted on Facebook asking for help finding his beloved pup. Within 24 hours the post had almost 2,000 shares. This led to one resident in Rockledge seeing the post and contacting Jon.

The Rockledge resident who found Jessica refused the $500 reward.

"I just want to say thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being kind and thank you for being compassionate," Atwood said. (UPI)

Her legs may be little, but they are strong. Thankfully, Jessica, the corgi was found and reunited with her owner on March 14th.

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