If you're a resident of Iowa, looking to attend college soon, Cornell College in Mt. Vernon might be the place for you.

According to KCRG, one of Iowa's top private colleges has recently announced it plans to lower tuition costs for Iowa residents. It's a $30,000 fund known as the "Iowa Promise Scholarship". To qualify, you must be a resident of Iowa, a new, first-time student and choose to live on campus at Cornell.

It's a move that Cornell leadership says puts them a better playing field with the major universities in the state, and makes their institution more attractive. They combine the Iowa Promise Scholarship fund with the Iowa Tuition Grant to achieve that comparability as well.

The Cornell College News says the new funding will be available in the 2021-22 and is renewable for up to four years. By the way, this is an increase to a fund that's been available for some time as a scholarship that's offered to all first-time students, once they are admitted and they do not have to apply for it.

It's a difficult time in our state and country, and this offers serious help to those still putting a priority on their education in the midst of a pandemic and, for those in Iowa, the aftermath of a major derecho who want to stay close to home and family for their studies.

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