If your Costco runs were as much about a meal's worth of free food, this is some incredible news, right here.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the orders that followed, really changed the way we shop at our beautiful new Costco store at 5000 Stadium Drive in Loves Park. All but two of those changes we appreciated.

The changes we didn't like were absolutely necessary, it's just that they are things Costco members like most. The pandemic meant saying goodbye to the food court and all those amazing free samples.

Here's comes the good news. Costco stores starting reopening food courts in late April, but not in Loves Park. In fact, only about 20% of their food courts were operating, and also with limited menu options. Word is that by mid-June, Costco will reopen all of their food courts. Let's just hope that the limited food court menu still includes their hot dogs.

Now, about those free samples. They will begin to slowly return but there will be some changes, such as not grabbing any with your own fingers.

Those gas prices at Costco might also entice you to sign up for membership. Their prices are consistently between twenty to thirty cents cheaper, per gallon, than most other gas stations.

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