Could there be a worse night for Halloween to fall on than Wednesday, except maybe Sunday?

There's a movement afoot to fix this. A petition is gaining traction at less than 5,000 signatures away from its goal, to formally move Halloween to the final Saturday in October. Period. The main reasons? Convenience, preparation and above all: safety.

Why did all the fun grown-up stuff happen last weekend? Saturday is more convenient than Wednesday. Who wants to go out and celebrate in the middle of the week?

You don't want to take the kids out trick-or-treating on a weeknight after you've been exhausted and stressed from work all day. Statistics bear this out.

Reportedly, 63 percent of kids' costumes don't have reflective or protective gear included, and 70 percent of parents don't even accompany their kids trick-or-treating. Don't let a tragic accident happen because you were too busy to get them prepared. Another good reason to permanently move Halloween to Saturday.

The premise is simple: make Halloween a "safer, longer and stress-free celebration" for kids and adults, and make it happen consistently on a weekend every year.

Some say if you're dedicated, you'll go out the weekend before anyway, so why bother with the change? Some Halloween purists say don't mess with it either. It's supposed to be for the kids anyway, so buck up.

What are your thoughts? Would you be in on the change or can you adapt just fine to whatever day Halloween falls on?

Sign the petition here and learn more details here.






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