What would you do if you booked a wedding and put a deposit down on a venue that never opened...and you couldn't get your money back?

Such is the predicament for at least five couples, according to KCRG, who planned to hold their wedding in a new event venue that has been slated to open for several years in the former Chrome Horse building in NewBo. The building also houses Brewhemia and Caucho but the space these couples booked for their nuptials still sits vacant, with no progress in sight, and is actually back on the market for lease.

Joe Alger and his bride-to-be Sara planned to use the venue with assurances it would be ready in time for their special day. Alger told KCRG that not only is the venue not opening as planned, they are still embroiled in a legal battle to get back the money they laid down to have their ceremony there.

Thanks to another site fitting them in, the Algers have found a place to hold their wedding, but mystery still remains as to what has or will become of the space they initially had their hearts set on.

[Via KCRG]

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