Cedar Rapids police are warning residents to be on the lookout for fake money. Not counterfeit bills, but money meant for another purpose. The movies.

CRPD say they are seeing an increase in the amount of fake money meant to be used in motion pictures being circulated around the city. The bills look real right down to the red and blue fibers in the bill. There's only one problem. On the upper right side of the bill is the statement "For Motion Picture Use Only." Police say if you're suspicious of a bill, look for the red and blue fibers and the watermark to ensure it's real.

Police say if you encounter someone trying to pass off one of the movie bills, follow these tips from the Secret Service.

  • Do not put yourself in danger
  • Do NOT return the bill
  • Delay the person if possible
  • Observe them, get a description of them and their vehicle.
  • Contact the CRPD at 319-286-5491.
  • Place the counterfeit note in a plastic bag or envelope until police arrive. Do NOT handle the money. Surrender it ONLY to a properly identified police officer.


[via CBS2]

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