With so much in our lives being altered or taken away this past year, including all the fun events we took for granted, we've all kind of had "the blues" in one way or another so the timing is fitting for the announcement of another show likely to be quickly returning to social calendars.

"Czech Village Blues" returns after a year off due to the pandemic, they've made plans to return, pending approval by the city of Cedar Rapids for their chosen space, in the green space south of Czech Village.

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Who's playing?

Very few details are available for the event but so far committed to appearing will be local favorite Kevin "B.F." Burt and the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy Blues Band, along with Flat Cat and Rick Estrin and the Nightcats. Even more acts are soon to be announced.

When is it happening?

Again, pending city approval, the fun goes down for the 4th Annual "Czech Village Blues Festival" on Saturday,  August 14, 2021.

What are they doing to ensure safety?

Things started looking up when vaccines rolled out and availability increased. Thankfully, the game just changed for the better again with the even more hopeful news from the CDC that the fully vaccinated (with both doses of a 2-shot vaccine or 1 shot of the single-dose options) can once again safely return to enjoying life completely unmasked indoors or outdoors (with exceptions.) It's as close as it's felt to "normal" in a long time.

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