About 6 weeks ago, all eyes were on Decorah as the Mama Bald Eagle laid her first egg.  Two more eggs and a couple weeks later, it's now hatching time according to the Raptor Resource Project, with the first hatching maybe even occurring yet today.

If you haven't been following the nest this season, there are a couple things to note. First, the live stream has recently been dubbed the "Most Viewed Live Video Of All Time", which is quite a feat if you think about it.  It's all thanks to the awesome people at the Raptor Resource Project.

Secondly, eggs were laid on March 18, 21, and 25. Based on a 35-39 day incubation period, hatching of the first egg should be any time now.

Additionally, the hard work of the Raptor Resource Project has also now set up a second nest camera, dubbed Decorah-North, so there are 2 nests to watch this year. That nest is massive; 9ft x 7ft and 5.5 ft deep.  It's also estimated to weigh roughly 2100 lbs. What's even better is that this nest is quite a few weeks behind the other nest, as the 3rd egg was laid March 18, so we get double the nest watching season this year, as the first hatchling won't occur until at least April 22nd.

It's the most viewed time of year for these cameras no doubt, so click the videos below and watch now. Once an egg hatches, there will be daily chats from 8a-8p.

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